Online course book "Surprise" 

for your distant lessons

You can also order a paper version of the book

What is an online course book?

You pay only once. There's no need to subscribe.


After your purchase, you will receive a personal account at Mozi-House, giving you access to the book.

Excellent choice for online lessons.

You will always have an access to newest updated version of the book.

All you need is a good internet connection.

You have a lot of free downloadable materials.

A modern communicative approach will help you get to A1 (elementary) level.

About 65 Russian lessons (12 units with 5 lessons in each one, plus an additional introductory lesson, two board games, a progress test and final test).

Colorful studying materials will improve the quality of your lessons.

This is how your online lessons will look like

You can get the first module for free to see how this method works for you. Choose your plan.

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